Top Strange Technologies For Your Everyday Use

Oct 4, 2014 by

home technologyI have always been a huge fan of gadgets. I love collecting all kinds of crazy pieces of technology for the purpose of streamlining my life, or to just have fun. Which would explain my Minecraft torchlight-flashlight. Many electronic products purchased these days can be justified in some way or another, while others tend to defy reason and expectation. Thus, I wanted to take a look at some of the weirder gizmos that are currently being made for your home. Tech that makes you question how, especially question why, and will inspire you to wonder just what exactly the makers were thinking when they developed it.

Makerbot and Chefjet

3-D printers have been all the rage lately, and understandably so. From medical to practical applications, 3-D printers have helped to revolutionize the possibilities of our reality. Does that mean every home will soon come stocked with these machines- like microwaves once did for kitchens? In a word- yes. The Makerbot Replicator Mini is a more portable, personalized 3-D printer designed for consumer use at home. While this has the advantage of allowing you to assemble and build accessories for your home right there on the spot, it also has long-reaching applications- such as aiding in the construction of prosthetic appendages for children and adults, at significantly reduced costs. As if that wasn’t enough, the Chefjet 3-D printer makes original, edible creations right in your kitchen, from sugar. For several thousand dollars you can literally create your own candy from scratch.

Wearables and iPhone accessories:

apple watchReality is just getting weirder and weirder. I was okay with the new zoom lens iPhone developed, but there are other, more outrageous products that have been introduced in the past few years. The Bladepad is a complete game controller (with all the buttons and joysticks you’re used to) that slides right out of your iPhone case, for when you want to play on-the-go. That’s harmless enough, but the same cannot be said for the Yellow Jacket Taser case for the iPhone. Yes, that’s correct, a case that also seconds as a legitimate taser that is designed to deliver a shock of six-hundred and fifty-thousand volts to a potential assailant. Just try not to keep it in your back pocket.

As if that wasn’t enough, wearable technology is becoming more mainstream with every passing month. It may be a while before I can afford to sport solar-powered dresses and bikinis, but that doesn’t mean my options are limited. I could invest in fitness socks- which track your heart rate and monitor your performance, or even a tattoo. That’s right, companies have created temporary tattoos that contain biosensors within. Just slap them on your skin, and let the sensors do the work- taking readings from your sweat to determine your physical fitness, health, and hydration levels.

Carnivorous Lampshade:

Ok, this was way too crazy to pass up. This light system is based on the anatomy of a pitcher plant, and is reminiscent of a disco-ball. It is designed to attract flies, moths, and pests that creep in, and prevent them from escaping. Eventually, they reach insect heaven, drop into the fuel cell located at the base of the lamp- which converts these organisms into the electricity that powers the lamp. Mean, green, and just plain weird.

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Technological Wonders That Are Due to Change Our Future

Sep 21, 2014 by

technologyWhat makes the technological industry more unique than any of its predecessors is the fact that it is constantly evolving. It’s always changing, either growing in ambition and efficiency, or contracting in impracticality and expense. Although the leaps we made during the Industrial Revolution helped propel us into the modern centuries, no other era can be compared to our current one, in terms of innovation. For that reason, more than anything else, the past twenty years have been referred to as the Post-modern, or Technological Era. We are literally living the future every single day. But if that’s the case, then what does the future have in store for us?

Lilypad Project:

This is by far the most exciting concept to be presented in the past few years. Although floating cities once seemed impossible, we’re advancing technology to the point where it might not only become feasible in the near future, but practical and necessary. Take for example, the Lilypad: a self-sustaining resort designed to hold fifty-thousand people, and power itself using ocean and solar power. These sailing eco-cities would be totally self-sufficient, and support a great deal of biodiversity- which would be an excellent solution to island nations who are devastated by tsunamis.

Holodeck Technology:

Our insatiable desire for new experiences has led many companies such as Google and Disney to venture further into the realms of interactivity than ever before. But interactive pixilation and virtual reality are only the beginning steps. Researchers in California are developing nanomachines that fit inside small spheres that can act and be controlled freely, with a few basic commands. That means that they can imitate and object or environment. Couple that with Microsoft’s new illumi-room technology, which projects images based off of situation and movement- and you’ve got the beginning makings of true holodeck technology, in your own home.

Kinetic Energy:

kinetic energyGranted, kinetic energy is not a new concept- we’ve heard all about it in elementary science class. However, it has never really been utilized for practical purposes before, mainly because it was difficult to harvest. That it is beginning to change though, as more researchers are looking to kinetic energy as a renewable resource to solve many of our urban energy problems. Professors from the like of MIT and UCLA have independently developed designs that capture the kinetic energy produced whenever you walk around, or drive somewhere. These plans are based on setting up roads and sidewalks with piezoelectric materials to act as grids and chargers for this energy, that in turn convert it to electricity to power everything from skyscrapers to streetlights.

Medical Advances:

I could devote an entire series based on this subject alone. Our medical fields have been receiving a technological boost in the past few years, and that trend is growing exponentially. 3-D printing has allowed us to reproduce organs and limbs, but medical professionals aren’t stopping there. Japanese scientists are genetically engineering monkeys to better understand how the process would work on humans, while other scientists predict we will be seeing the first medical tricorders as early as 2023.

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Taking a Step Back

Sep 7, 2014 by

Everybody seems to be on the technology bandwagon these days. From Teslas, to Google glass, more people are relying on technology in their everyday lives. Most of the time, I would be on-board as well. However, for all this talk about improvement and innovation, there are really only a few a people who are asking pertinent questions.We’ve become so focused on developing new technology, that we are stopping less to ask the questions that need to be asked; questions of necessity and ethics. Is this technology really necessary? Should we be doing this? The more we advance, the more important it becomes to remember how and what exactly we are advancing for.


cctvCrime has dropped in London, because unsurprisingly, having a camera on every single street corner is a considerable deterrent to commit criminal acts. CCTV also aids authorities in tracking and catching criminals on the streets- before they cause significant damage. As such, it has inspired other major cities to incorporate this kind of security network to overview their own citizens.

These systems are still controlled and operated by everyday men, and subject to human failing. They’re not perfect systems, and as such, they can be disrupted, hacked, and fall into the wrong hands. Look at the recent scandals involving Edward Snowden, and NSA leaks. You have to ask yourself, do you really want some higher power that you have no control over watching and tracking your every move and conversation?

Military Industrial Complex:

We claim to build technology to prevent mistakes made by previous generations from happening again- but have we really advanced? It’s no secret that war and the advent of technology have always gone hand in hand, but I the past century we have increased our defense capabilities beyond levels that are appropriate- and that danger is only escalating. It wasn’t enough to create atomic and hydrogen bombs in the twentieth century, which gave birth to decades of nuclear armament.

Now we have drones, capable of taking out both domestic and international targets, all controlled by a computer. This upcoming year however, defense forces will be unveiling and implementing a grenade launcher that shoots around corners, also military tech that transforms from helicopter to ground vehicle. The scariest piece of technology is probably the folding machine-gun. It can be disguised as a laptop battery, until you unfold it to reveal a fully-functioning weapon with a 30-round clip. Although this is still in the prototype phase, the implications are scary, especially considering it can be folded back up and into most back pockets.


roboticsI watched Battlestar Galactica- I know how this debate ends. Yet robots and androids are only increasing in popularity. We’re also augmenting technology to be retrofitted to humans- including placing microchips in the brain. This is as weird and unsettling as the first robot news anchors that Japan premiered recently, the Otonoroid, and the Kodomoroid, who access and deliver news feeds in real-time. While this may seem cool to some, keep in mind that you don’t control these bots- media outlets do, and they’re not known for their transparency. Do you really want a system that can be operated and manipulated by someone else delivering information?

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Why Would People Buy Instagram Followers?

Oct 9, 2014 by

Why Would People Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a great tech site that allows people to be a little more creative with regards to what they want to share. It allows people to post photos of whatever it is they might have an interest in. A user can easily get on Instagram and post any of these pictures that one might have. These can include pictures of things in one’s life, pieces of art one has drafted or even updates on whatever business endeavors that person has engaged in.

Some people will try to buy Instagram followers when getting their pages to become visible because a plan to buy Instagram followers can allow a site to look a little more detailed. There are many good reasons why so many people are willing to buy all of these followers for their accounts on this fine site.

It Makes Instagram Accounts More Visible

Like with any other type of social media website, a page that has more followers, comments, views or likes will be more likely to show up on different searches within that site. An Instagram account that has been around for a while and has hundreds or thousands of followers will be more likely to get viewers than an account that only has two or three others looking at it.

If someone buys more followers then it will be easier for the account to show up on such a search. This is a necessity for many who use Instagram but it can be even more important for those who are trying to market their own businesses.

IG Followers

It Adds Credibility

Sometimes it is easier for a site to develop a sense of credibility if that spot has more followers. An Instagram account that has more followers will certainly be more interesting. That’s because people will assume that someone has something to say.

Of course, this works best if the client who buys these followers does have actual content to work with. Anyone who can keep a page updated with regular content that is relevant and unique will be more likely to get additional followers. The followers one buys at the start will just make the process a little easier to facilitate.

Followers Equal Better SEO Results

Instagram photos may be found on search engines that go well beyond the main site. An Instagram account with more followers will be easier to spot on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. The fact is that it works for SEO purposes. Search engines favor Instagram accounts that appear to have more traffic coming in. Therefore, a plan for buying these followers may end up being advantageous from a marketing perspective.

A plan to buy Instagram followers could end up being a very beneficial concept for anyone who is operating a website to consider. If anyone goes out to buy followers then it should be a little easier for a page to get a good deal of readers. It’s all about visibility on Instagram. If a page is more visible then it will certainly get more attention and support in the long run.

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